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Can I try archery before signing up to the course?

Yes come down any Tuesday between 7.30 and 8.30 and we will happily show you archery and get you to shoot an arrow. Once you fall in love with the sport we will send you the link so you can sign up for the Archery Beginner course.

Are children allowed entry?

Any children over 10 can take part. If they are under 18 a parent or guardian must stay for the time they are there. We encourage the parents to take part in the beginner course as well

Do I need any equipment?

No, everything will be provided to you. Once you have finished the archery beginner course you can use the club equipment for 2 weeks free of charge, after this we would recommend you purchase your own.

What happens after the Beginner Course?

After you have completed the course you can sign up to be a member of Archery Ireland. Then the fun really begins, you can enter competitions all over Ireland and the rest of the world!

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